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Wood Burning Stove Silverdale


If you want to invest in a wood burning stove for your Silverdale, WA home, this is the best place to be at! Heritage Fireplace Shop has been serving the community since 1959, helping people stay comfortably warm through the frigid winters with wood or pellet burning stoves and gas stoves.

A Silverdale wood burning stove is a good option to be cozy without incurring huge energy costs. Unlike a conventional central heating system like a furnace, your Silverdale wood burning stove can be used to warm up just the specific living area you need to. An added advantage is the elegant appearance of your Silverdale wood burning stove.

Make the most of your investment by shopping with us for:

  • Wood chip burners
  • Wood stoves
  • Wood chip stoves
  • Wood burner

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Pellet Burning Stoves Silverdale


We carry, as well as install Silverdale pellet burning stoves. For any wood burning stove to work efficiently and last for years, it should be of good quality and installed by a seasoned professional.

Those who try to save money by picking up cheap Silverdale pellet burning stoves and attempting a do-it-yourself installation invariably end up burdened with costly repairs or premature replacement of the appliance.

Property owners who source their Silverdale pellet burning stoves from us can have the satisfaction of putting their hard-earned money to good use. We are also the go-to experts for maintenance and repairs of Silverdale pellet burning stoves.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services for:

  • Wood pellet stoves
  • Pellet burning fireplace
  • Wood burning pellet stove
  • Pellet free standing stoves

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Gas Stoves Silverdale


Silverdale gas stoves are becoming quite popular these days. Just like gas fireplaces, freestanding Silverdale gas stoves offer users the convenience of lighting up the hearth with a switch to reach a comfy indoor temperature within no time.

Silverdale gas stoves also spare property owners all the mess and hassle that is associated with building fires out of wood logs. We are happy to equip property interiors with the easy-to-operate, highly effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly Silverdale gas stoves.

Being a company that places a high premium on quality, we deal with products put on the market by leading manufacturers. Our offerings include:

  • IronStrike Epic
  • Regency C34
  • Hampton H27
  • Vermont Castings Radiance

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