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Wood Burning Stove Gig Harbor


If you are looking for an elegant way to heat your home, you can choose to have a wood burning stove in Gig Harbor, WA. There are different wood burning stove variants in Gig Harbor giving you ample choices when choosing one for your home.

Get in touch with Heritage Fireplace Shop for any type of wood burning stove in Gig Harbor. We are an established company and have been offering different types of gas stoves for Gig Harbor residents since 1959. Call us for the following wood burning stove types in Gig Harbor:

  • Wood pellet stoves
  • Cast iron wood stove
  • Double side wood burner stoves
  • Indoor wood stoves

If you are confused regarding the choice of the ideal wood burning stove for your home, we can help you choose it according to your preference and budget.

Call Heritage Fireplace Shop for wood burning stove options in Gig Harbor!

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Pellet Burning Stoves Gig Harbor


If you do not want to mess with wood burning stoves, then choose the pellet burning stoves available in Gig Harbor. These stoves burn pellets instead of wood logs, thereby giving the same ambient heat sans large amount of wood ash.

Rely on us when wish to get pellet burning stoves in Gig Harbor. We deal in a number of brands of pellet burning stoves and can offer you the best ones suitable to your budget and preference. Call us to install the pellet burning stoves in Gig Harbor for any of the following pellet types:

  • Douglas fir pellets
  • Corn pellets
  • Soybean pellets
  • Cherry pellets

Get in touch with us to know about the various types of stoves and the ideal pellets for these stoves in Gig Harbor.

Call Heritage Fireplace Shop for pellet burning stoves in Gig Harbor!

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Gas Stoves Gig Harbor


With the presence of several types of gas stoves in Gig Harbor, the choice of the best one can be a little difficult. However, we can help you choose the ideal one for your situation.

Count on us when you are looking for the best gas stoves in Gig Harbor. You can choose the ideal stoves that give you the required heat and the enchanting view of the fire. Choose from any of the following gas stoves in Gig Harbor:

  • Propane stoves
  • Natural gas free standing stove
  • Freestanding gas fires
  • Freestanding gas log fires

Let us know about your need for gas stoves, and we will help you choose the ideal one.

Call Heritage Fireplace Shop for gas stoves in Gig Harbor!

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