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Gig Harbor BBQ


Are you on the lookout for a professional company offering advanced BBQ equipment for Gig Harbor, WA customers? You have come to the right place. At Heritage Fireplace Shop, we are well-known providers of high-quality Gig Harbor BBQ equipment that can spice up your backyard or tailgate parties.

We have been in this business for years now and have served numerous customers by offering them our aesthetic as well as functional Gig Harbor BBQ equipment for their diverse cooking purposes. Our customers have endorsed us as one of the best fireplace and BBQ products providers in the area by virtue of our wide-ranging Gig Harbor equipment and appliances.

Give us a call and tell us about your requirements for BBQ equipment in detail. Trust us to provide:

  • BBQ smoker
  • Barbecue grills
  • Offset smoker
  • BBQ equipment

Call Heritage Fireplace Shop if you require exceptional Gig Harbor BBQ equipment.

(360) 377-6655

Gig Harbor Grill


For a high-end, eco-friendly Gig Harbor grill smoker, rely on a professional fireplace shop like us. We are vastly experienced in providing Gig Harbor grill smokers and have offered a range of products for commercial and residential as well as recreational purposes.

We are well aware that our customers consider Gig Harbor grill smokers a substantial investment, and we ensure they receive manifold returns. Rest assured you will receive Gig Harbor grill equipment that will exceed your expectations and remain functional for a long time.

Our barbecue grills are ideally sized and can be kept anywhere anywhere outside on your property, whether on a patio, deck, or terrace. Reach out to us if you want the following:

  • Electric grills
  • Pellet grills
  • Natural gas grills
  • Propane grills

Call Heritage Fireplace Shop if you want impeccable Gig Harbor grill equipment.

(360) 377-6655

Gig Harbor Charcoal Grill


The Gig Harbor charcoal grill collection at our shop contains grills that can enhance the taste of the food and give it that great smoky flavor. Our Gig Harbor charcoal grill equipment is very easy to operate and can provide the temperatures to perfectly cook your food. You can have a nice family get-together with some fun conversations while a delectable meal is prepared on our Gig Harbor charcoal grill smoker.

Our Gig Harbor charcoal grill is a treat for the cook who can conveniently experiment with different styles and delight the guests. You can also contact us for these options:

  • Smokers
  • BBQ grills
  • Outdoor grills
  • Fireplace inserts

Call Heritage Fireplace Shop if you need Gig Harbor charcoal grill appliances.

(360) 377-6655