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Electric: Fireplace

The Dimplex 20″ standard plug-in firebox with our patented realistic flame effect and hand-finished logs, crafted from real wood logs brings this fireplace to life. On-demand heat with thermostat control warms a room of up to 400 sq. ft. for added comfort.

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Amantii’s Wall Mount / Built-In electric fireplaces are designed to be either wall-mounted or built-into the wall for a custom finish and look. The Wall Mount / Built-In series features some of the largest glass viewing areas in the industry.  These units offer maximum flexibility without venting or running gas lines throughout a home.  Ideal for residential and commercial applications.

From contemporary to traditional, achieve many different looks for your fire place by using combinations of the included 3 colors of fire glass media or LED ember log set

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Our best and most compatible design for mounting alongside your TV to create a sleek, one-of-a kind entertainment center.

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Enjoy the stunning beauty of fire with the sustainable benefits of zero emissions, zero fossil fuels and low energy consumption. The go-anywhere design of the NetZero E-one simplifies installation, without the need for venting or gas lines, so you can bring the wonder of fire to almost any space, whether you live in a country farmhouse, a cozy craftsman or a condo on the 15th floor.

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Convert your worn wood burning fireplace into a lively, stunning statement piece the simple way with this easily insert installed electric fireplace.

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Regency Electric

The Onyx Range of premium electric fireplace heaters bring luxury to more spaces than ever before. The robust log set with Integrated Log Lighting coupled with advanced Chromalight® Plus LED system, full colour customization, WIFI control and a generous 17″ glass height means this fireplace is sure to amaze with its awe-inspiring flame picture.

With no need for venting or fuel lines, the Onyx EX190 is an XL modern apartment friendly electric fireplace that can be installed in virtually any room of the house and the flexible 1, 2, or 3-Sided installation options mean you can craft the look you want in your home with a high-end modern fireplace that is as flexible in its installation as it is beautiful.

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