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BBQ: Charcoal

Charcoal grills add a unique taste to any food. Although charcoal grills require a bit more time to achieve the right temperature, everyone loves good conversation around a glowing grill anticipating the meal. Charcoal grills require a bit more attention to temperature control while providing a more intimate grilling experience. MANUFACTURERS:

The Big Green Egg is a blend of the best of ancient wisdom, modern technology and proprietary processes, resulting in a far superior product that is stronger, more durable and provides better heat insulation than any other outdoor cooker on the market. The Big Green Egg by far the best cooking device of its kind are the patented components and state-of the-art ceramic technologies that provide improved insulation, thermal shock tolerance and material strength. The high-quality ceramics used in each and every EGG will not crack or deteriorate over time, and many EGGs are passed down to the next generation.