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Fireplace Poulsbo


None of the modern heating systems on the market can match the charm of having a fireplace in your Poulsbo, WA property. However, it would not be correct to associate fireplaces only with their aesthetic value. Besides uplifting the interior decor, a Poulsbo fireplace also makes for an effective way of ensuring excellent indoor comfort without running up big utility bills.

Get in touch with Heritage Fireplace Shop to learn more about the benefits of investing in a Poulsbo fireplace. We are a long-standing company that specializes in equipping homes with traditional fireplaces, as well as the modern alternative of inserts.

Place a call to us today to discuss your requirements for a Poulsbo fireplace and know how we can help. Do not hesitate to make us your first and only stop for:

  • Wood fireplace
  • Electric fireplace
  • Gas fireplace
  • Pellet inserts

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Gas Fireplace Poulsbo


In business since 1959, we have witnessed a steady rise in preference for a Poulsbo gas fireplace. This can be attributed to the several benefits that this appliance offers as compared to the conventional wood-burning for warming the hearth.

A Poulsbo gas fireplace is extremely easy to operate and maintain. It does not involve the hassle of chopping wood and disposing off all the ashes. The ambience created by a Poulsbo gas fireplace is quite nice as the gas logs produce a very realistic-looking flame.

Our company offers customized solutions to suit diverse preferences and budgets for a Poulsbo gas fireplace. Feel free to choose from several options in gas-powered:

  • Fireplaces
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Free standing stoves
  • Outdoor fire pits

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Fireplace Inserts Poulsbo


The homeowners who are inclined towards investing in Poulsbo fireplace inserts do not need to look any further than us. Inserts are insulated boxes that fit into the fireplace opening to make the fire and its heat a lot more intense. Self-cleaning insulated glass makes the front of Poulsbo fireplace inserts.

People who want to enjoy the benefits of clean-burning of fuel and optimal heat efficiency by warming up their home interiors should come to us for Poulsbo fireplace inserts. The services offered by us with regard to Poulsbo fireplace inserts offer a complete coverage of the appliances:

  • Sale of gas fireplace
  • Installation of gas fireplace
  • Maintenance of gas fireplace
  • Repair of gas fireplace

We work with industry-leading, proven products and are staffed by well-trained, highly experienced technicians.

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